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 Mature male Cyas revoluta needs new home. Free for the taking!

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PostSubject: Mature male Cyas revoluta needs new home. Free for the taking!   Thu Feb 03, 2011 11:01 pm

Not exactly a cactus or succulent but here goes anyways.
I've got an unwanted Cyas revoluta growing in the backyard that I'm aiming to get rid of, previous owners probably planted it when it was small and cute but nowadays it's not suited for where it's planted...right next to the pool pump and virtually ontop of the return lines going into the pool. And I don't really have anywhere else in the yard where it would be suited...so I'm forced to either give it away to a wanting home or ship it off to the local dump in the bin, I'd much rather find a wanting home for it!

The plant in question a month or so back with the cone just starting to take off.

The trunk is about a foot tall and has since we bought the house last spring sprouted 1 new flush of leaves last year and this year sent up a large cone, cone is now whilted and replaced with a new flush of leaves coming. Right now all the older leaves are cut back leaving only the coming flush of leaves. There's also atleast 5 pups growing off it that's been kicking up new growth like mad.

Naturally with the size of this plant, I've seen smaller speciments for sale in nurseries that would set you back in excess of $200, this is a pick up only kind of deal...preferably a "come and dig it up with care yourself" deal Laughing Digging it up is likely going to be abit of a chore though as as mentioned it's planted just about ontop of the pool's feed and return lines, one shovel strike in the wrong spot and I'll have to replace some pipes.

My location is in St Clair, one of the western suburbs of Sydney.
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Mature male Cyas revoluta needs new home. Free for the taking!
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