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 Grafting Pseudolithos migiurtinus

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PostSubject: Grafting Pseudolithos migiurtinus   Mon May 30, 2011 3:45 pm

Hey all.

A few months ago I put down 100 P.Migiurtinus that have germinated nicely. I was planning to graft all of them on to Ceropegia woodii tubers. The problem is they are all dormant now, I've tried bringing them out with heat pads and lighting but its not working.

After each passing week I'm losing more and more of the P.Migs to rot. I was hoping to find some other Asclepiadaceae to graft too. I tried grafting two of them on to some Stapelia's but none took. Does anyone know of any fast growing Asclepiadaceae rootstock I should try?
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Grafting Pseudolithos migiurtinus
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