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 Trade seed Cereus X's fast growing delicious fruit

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PostSubject: Trade seed Cereus X's fast growing delicious fruit   Fri Sep 06, 2013 7:49 pm

Hi not sure if your'll be interested ................I have Fresh tasty fruiting Cereus X seeds for trade ................international trading welcomed ..................see below seeds I'd like in exchange....if interested PM............
Cereus or Peruvian Apple Cactus is an under appreciated fast growing cactus with delicious fruit
These seeds (still drying) are from a excellent fruiting hybrid Cereus X then X again with Cereus aethiops and or Cereus jamacaru? So they should produce some interesting hybrids.
The cereus fruit is definitely not as sexy looking as its cousin the Dragon Fruit. However, it is just as tasty (if not more so).
The Cereus X is an ovoid smooth skinned (thornless) fruit with orange-red colored skin. The skin of the fruit will turn from blue-purple to orange-red when ripe.
The fruit will also often split when fully ripe.
Some varieties will have pink or yellow colored fruit.
The size varies significantly even on the same branch, but most will fit in your hand.
Cereus fruit taste:

The taste of the Cereus X is a big surprise. The flesh is crunchy and melting like shaved ice. Yes, it is deliciously hard to believe. The melting crunchiness is like some kind of delightful candy.
The fruit is also refreshingly juicy.
Inside the flesh is white and somewhat crystalline in texture. The white flesh is speckled with small pleasantly crunchy black seeds.The crunch-of the seeds is similar to a kiwi fruit.
The sweetness is similar to sugarcane.
The flavors are very subtle fruity/floral and very very subtly tart.
The outer skin is easy to peel, and sometimes the skin just falls off. The peel is not eaten
Food Use:
I like to just eat cereus fresh out of hand or spoon it out. Itís really a tasty treat.

Seeds I'd most want to exchange for them are.....

can be shop brought

and or any of the following ..... any Stenocereus †any selenicereus.............

any Hylocereus


Myrtillocactus geometrizans -garambulla, garambulla cactus

or other cereus, columar cactus, any good edible fruit types...... †trich's ok and any X's of any of the above also welcomed....anything considered
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Trade seed Cereus X's fast growing delicious fruit
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