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 Mesa Gardens 2014 seedlist

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Location : Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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PostSubject: Mesa Gardens 2014 seedlist   Mon Jan 13, 2014 11:13 am

As the title says Mesa Gardens 2014 January seed list is now up.
Had a quick whiz through and prices of some of last years seeds have gone up. Eg. Aztekium ritteri was $4 and is now $5 (same field number). Can last years seed list still be ordered from? I wish to order Aztekium hintonii and Geohintonia which are no longer available in this years seed list.

Also, I have a large order of seeds (nearly all copiapoa); would it be best to order now and sow early autumn so they are already established by spring or wait until spring to order them?

Would be good to hear if/what people are ordering seed wise this year.

Thanks, Mitch
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Number of posts : 134
Location : Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Registration date : 2010-05-02

PostSubject: Re: Mesa Gardens 2014 seedlist   Mon Jan 13, 2014 3:13 pm

I should change my question so it is a bit more specific. How would the Copiapoa seeds germinate around late Feb, early March when the average min/max temp is around 15C/25C?

One surprise from the new seed list is in their other succulent seed section: they have Pseudolithos mccoyi for sale- $6 for 5 seeds. I'm going to give them a go because I don't think the seed would turn up too often.
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PostSubject: Re: Mesa Gardens 2014 seedlist   Tue Jan 14, 2014 11:33 am

As long as you store the seed somewhere cool and dry I think you'd be better placing your order asap so as not to miss out on anything...Usually the new list cancels the old one, so don't think you can order from the 2013 list.

That being said, I haven't ordered from Mesa in many years as I find getting stuff from them (and the US in general) is a bit more difficult/expensive than Europe as I think you may need a Phyto certificate. You may also require CITES cert's for CITES1 stuff which I think Aztekium is..

The issue sowing in the next couple of months is keeping the heat down, if you have a propagator etc it is easier to sow in cooler weather (late autumn/winter) to get the headstart as you have greater control of the environment.

That being said, it seems I'm just about always sowing, and just put down another lot this past weekend. Have bought way too much seed over the past years and needed to get some in before it goes off. But still I'm thinking of placing another order soon...it's an addiction I tell ya !  Twisted Evil  

Yikes, Pseudolithos Mccoyi at 1.20 a seed ? Must be very rare over there or something. I must be sitting on a gold mine, my plants self set viable seed all the time. Just sowed about 50-60 of them on Sunday and there's 4 horns ripening on plants at present. While not exactly common, it's not quite in the same class as cubiformis or miguirtinus.

Good luck with your sowings !
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PostSubject: Re: Mesa Gardens 2014 seedlist   

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Mesa Gardens 2014 seedlist
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