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 pereskiopsis cuttings

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peter olsen

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PostSubject: pereskiopsis cuttings   Wed Jun 18, 2014 8:19 am

hi all, i have a minor concern, i,ve planted about 30 pereskiopsis cuttings, and a read a post that they have a massive root system i,ve planted in about 4 inch pots, if this the case do i have to trim the roots or put them in larger pots etc, i,em going to have a try at grafting, i,em new to the forum, and to collecting cacti mainly astro,s, the more i read the more confussing it becomes, i know every has there own do,s and don't,s but being new i don,t really have a clue so any advice will welcomed peter olsen vic
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PostSubject: Re: pereskiopsis cuttings   Wed Jun 18, 2014 12:28 pm

Small pots are fine for grafting short term. If you intend on keeping you scion grafted for a long time then you may need to consider to re-pot later down the track.

Sneakiest Cephalopod
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PostSubject: Re: pereskiopsis cuttings   Thu Jun 19, 2014 11:34 am

I think people handle various ways of Pereskiopsis cuttings.
I use cutting for grating stocks.

Cut 15 cm young shoots
Pot in 50 mm square tube and keep in a plastic box for 1 week
Graft seedlings and keep 1 more week
50 mm square tube can handle easily during grafting.

Repot stocks with scions into 90 mm Olive-pot 1 week after grafting
Since the growing speed of scions is reduced dramatically 2 years after grafting, I degraft scions.
The photo is 7 months old scions with stocks in Olive-pots.

Stocks after degrafted are kept for new shoots collection purpose.
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PostSubject: Re: pereskiopsis cuttings   

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pereskiopsis cuttings
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