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 Confidor available - update!

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PostSubject: Confidor available - update!   Sun Jan 31, 2010 2:31 am

Hi everyone.

I finally got fed up with mealies causing my huernias and staps to distort, and decided to go the Confidor route. When I trotted down to my local nursery, I found that they were selling the concentrate for $24 per 8mL tube. Bugger that!

My sister works in a uni botany department, and I managed to get some from her, although I had to do it officially, and buy a bulkish amount. I reckon that I will now have more than I will use for years, so if anyone is interested, I'm hoping to offer the following:

1) 25mL of the Confidor 200SC concentrate for $25 (that'll make 50 to 100 litres of the solution that is actually applied to your babies, depending on the concentration you desire)

2) the detailed package instructions

3) a graduated (in 0.25mL increments) transfer pipette, or a 1mL syringe if I can quickly source them, to help accurately dilute the concentrate

4) free postage to Australia only

This works out to be a third the price of the commercial concentrate on a per mL basis, and at $14.00 for the 750mL spray-bottle version, it works out to be 1/75th the price of the ready-to-go stuff - and that's including the extras and the postage.

The only thing that'll hold me up will be getting some decent, secure containers to put the concentrate in, but I should be able to track down a few appropriate ones soon.

If anyone's interested, pm me. I'll be offering the extra portions on a couple of forums, so if you pm I'll be able to get a time-stamped email message independent of the different times on the different boards, and respond on a first-come basis.

Die, mealies, die!
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Number of posts : 118
Location : Cool temperate
Registration date : 2008-06-12

PostSubject: Re: Confidor available - update!   Thu Feb 25, 2010 9:05 pm

Hi all.

I was a bit rushed with replies when I first offered my excess Confidor, and had more replies than I could supply. Rather than disappoint some folk I organised another lot, and again I have plenty left over.

I'll be sending out the last of the lots that I have left from the first offer next week. Some people didn't want 25 mL, so I gave them 15 mL for $18. Not quite as cheap pro rata as the 25 mL offer, but that's because I can't do much about the cost of postage and packaging. For those with insane numbers of cacti and succulents covering their whole backyard, I'm offering 50 mL of the concentrate for $42.50, although be warned - I will run out quickly if peeps buy these larger amounts.

I'll be away until next Tuesday, but if anyone's interested just pm me or leave a reply here. For those who stuck their hands up the first time and haven't yet got their Confidor, hang in there I've had a few motherboard issues, but I'll sort you out soon!

I have to say I am most pleased with the impact that Confidor has on those bloody mealies. Bugger the white oil and the metho, this stuff really gets the blighters, and especially the ones that hide around the roots. Cop that you miserable bastards!

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Confidor available - update!
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